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There may be hotfixes applicable to this release.

plone 5

Always check the Plone Hotfix page before production deployment. Plone 5. Cross-platform Docker: install Docker and use the Plone Docker image. For the Plone 5. Fixed a deprecation warning when importing makerequest from Testing.

Show proper error message for not allowed identifiers. When looking up back-references the lookup using unrestrictedTraverse was way to slow. A simplified traverse speeds up the lookup by up 80x. Absolute positioning of default page objects in the structure pattern take 2 on issue Move toolbar to be above structure pattern, by increasing its z-index from 3 to 20 fixes Products.

CMFPlone [fulv] Fix Tinymce pattern: Link popup looses tab selection on active linktype [mamico] Fix autotoc pattern: activate the element link with active class during initialization [mamico] Reversed the order of the translations list in plonejsi18n so custom ones come before defaults one Explicitly load zcml of dependencies, instead of using includeDependencies [maurits] Use the shared 'Plone test setup' and 'Plone test teardown' keywords in Robot tests.

Load zcml of plone. See [erral] Add low level events and notifies: on register, update and remove of a translation to a translation groups. Remove deprecation warnings in tests. Increase readability Add code comments. Remove superfluos reindex of "Language" in manager. Remove any dependency to archetypes. Remove all dependencies that are already part of Products.

All version specifications were reduced to use a recent Products. The decorator dependency is no longer used.

Fixed Python3 TypeError: 'filter' object is not subscriptable. This happened when overriding a filesystem theme with a TTW version [fredvd] Make sure plone. Fix thread safe recursion detection. This fixes an issue in plone. The debug messages issued when a non existent behavior is recorded in an FTI have been improved [ale-rt] Also often called aquired functions are skipped.

About up to 66x speedup in some cases.Learn About Plone 5. Plone has an active, thriving community that holds annual conferences, regional symposia, and many sprints all over the world.

See our statement about Plone's outstanding security track record and a recent security hoax. Plone Conference will be in Ferrara, Italy! Plone Conference Learn more about Plone For a full list of sponsors or to sponsor the Plone Foundationplease see plone. Personal tools. Plone 5. Prev Next. Why Use Plone Plone has an active, thriving community that holds annual conferences, regional symposia, and many sprints all over the world.

Plone Conference Learn more about Plone Enterprise Integration A true team player, Plone connects and plays well with your existing infrastructure. Flexible Workflows You're in control of how your content is created, shared, and stored. Limitless Extensibility Everything you need to manage, preserve, and deliver information to support your business needs. Robust Scalability Fast and adaptable to your business needs today and 10 years from now.

A hearty thank you to our Premium Sponsors!

Plone 5.2.1

Discover the possibilities. Try Plone today! Try It Success Stories. Contact us Site Map Accessibility.The new toolbar consolidates the personal menu and Plone's longstanding "green bar.

Plone 5: Modern, Powerful, and User-driven

With its optional icon text labels, the toolbar gives editors more screen space to focus on what matters: their content. Coupled with new tools to insert links and images, it's easier than ever to craft and customize content. Plone 5 makes extensive use of Patternslib "Mockup" to create and assemble user interfaces using modern, tested, accessible JavaScript UI elements.

Plone 5 content shines when you share, with its included Facebook OpenGraph meta tags and Twitter card support. Perform bulk operations to add multiple files and images at once, assign keywords, apply workflow, rename, cut, copy, and delete.

Use query filters to quickly find, sort, reorder, and select specific content. Security is never an afterthought. Plone 5 includes automatic CSRF cross-site request forgery protection and is the only content management system with CSRF protection integrated into the database layer.

This automatic protection extends to the add-ons installed on your site.

plone 5

Combined with its default use of the ZODB, a NoSQL database, Plone 5 is neither subject to SQL injection attacks nor vulnerable through less-carefully crafted add-ons, both are common attack vectors against other content management systems. Plone 5 continues to fulfill the promise of maximizing the user experience by ensuring full accessibility compliance to the highest standards with support for WCAG 2. Plone 5 is multilingual out of the box. Its user interface comes with more than 40 language translations and tools to add new translations.

Plone 5 includes the "plone. Also included are a migration guide and in depth documentation for content editors, site administrators, designers, deployers, and developers. In the Plone community you'll find expertise on content and content management, and a culture dedicated to sharing those skills and talents. Everything about Plone is in the documentation; GitHub repositories; Plone community forums, chat rooms, and mailing lists.

Plone 5 Open Source Content Management System

The official Plone documentation is created and maintained by the community for content contributors, developers, site administrators, and designers. Additional support is provided by numerous service providers. Try it. Download it. Learn more about it. See the features that make Plone uniquely powerful, secure, and stable.

Find out who uses Plone.There is a demo account set up for you to browse this site as administrator. This demo account allows you to experience Plone in the role of not a simple user, but site administrator, who has all the power a user can have in Plone. All features are available for this user such as adding content, publishing content, managing site users and groups, configuring site settings, etc. Please use the following username and password to log in and get the experience of true Plone user:.

See illustrative presentation of popular Plone packages in Plone add-ons demo section:. Navigation Toggle navigation. Plone 5 rocks!

Learn more. You are here: Home. Demo Login Account There is a demo account set up for you to browse this site as administrator. Please use the following username and password to log in and get the experience of true Plone user: Username: ploneadmin Password: ploneadmin Note: The data in this site is wiped out every 4 hours - at AM, AM, Plone add-ons Demo See illustrative presentation of popular Plone packages in Plone add-ons demo section: Plone themes - demonstration of Plone Themes that can be activated on this website.

Creation of forms in Plone through the web. Examples of different Plone forms. Plone embedly - demonstration of collective.It will apply to the entire page footer, main content, portlets, etc.

Compared to collective. If you already have your own Plone installation you can install Mosaic by customizing it as follows:. Modify buildout. We will use a Plone pre-configured Heroku instance. The basic component of a Mosaic based layout is called a tile. A layout is a combination of several tiles. Click on Edit. If this is the first time editing the current item, you will be prompted to select a layout. This editor allows to change our content fields content like the regular Plone formbut the fields are rendered into the view layout and they are edited in-place.

Propertiesto access the content properties: it displays the regular Plone form tabs, but the fields currently involved in the layout are hidden. The choices are restricted to the layout applicable to the current content-type.

For instance for a PageMosaic proposes by default two layouts: Basic and Document. Formatwhich provides different simple formatting options for tiles text padding, floating or for rows change background color.

Its settings can be changed in a modal window click on the i button on the bottom-right corner to display the modal. Applications: for now, there is only Discussion, which shows the discussion form discussion needs to be enable in the site setup. It allows to list all contents matching given criteria which be edited in the modal window. Go to the Display menu and select Mosaic layout. When the layout has been customized, the Layout menu offers a Save action.

If Global is checked, the layout will be usable by any user else it is restricted to the current user. The layout is associated with the current content type. By default it will not be usable for other content types. By editing manifest. If we remove this line, the layout is available for any content type.You can install Docker and use the Plone Docker image. The Plone community and the Plone Security Team will always support the two most current major releases. Get Plone 5. Get Plone 4.

Plone 5's Diazo theming engine makes it easy for designers to create new themes for Plone and adapt existing ones to Plone. To log in to this site, you will need a GitHub account. After logging in for the first time, please edit your profile information to activate your account. Why: The Plone documentation, codebase, marketing and other tasks are managed through GitHub.

Using the same login here makes it easier to coordinate team assignments. Note: You do not need to login to this site to ask questions or make suggestions. For that you can participate at community. Search Site only in current section. Advanced Search…. You are here: Home Download. Get a Beautiful Looking Site with Plone Themes Plone 5's Diazo theming engine makes it easy for designers to create new themes for Plone and adapt existing ones to Plone.

Plone 5 themes can be as easy to install as uploading a ZIP file! Cancel Okay, take me to GitHub.This is the documentation for Plone 5. There have been many changes in this version, if you are using Plone 4 do consult the Plone 4.

Before you upgrade read Upgrading Plone and Preparations. Always upgrade from the latest version of 5. This will resolve many migration-specific issues. If you have problems, do not be afraid to ask for help on Plone Community. This upgrade is different from previous upgrades because Plone 5.

plone 5

The upgrade to 5. To run the upgrade to 5. If you also want to upgrade from Python 2 to 3 with a existing database, you need to run a additional database migration while the site is not running.

See the section Python 3 Support below for details about that. This is PLIP All custom code and add-ons need to support Python 3.

plone 5

Existing databases need to be upgraded as well. Upgrade the Database to Plone 5.

Intro to Diazo - Plone Theming

Migrate the database using zodbupdate. If you are working on a new project i. This has no changes for Editors. Admins will notice that the ZMI has a new bootstrap-based theme and some control panels have moved. Changelog for alpha-versions.


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